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PlushBeds Reviews

PlushBeds mattress

PlushBeds is a California-based luxury mattress manufacturer, that specializes in manufacturing organic latex mattresses, toppers, pillows and bedding. PlushBeds organic mattresses are known for their luxurious comfort and support, and also for promoting a deep and rejuvenating sleep experience. In addition, PlushBeds products have been certified by various independent organizations for purity, safety, and environmental friendliness. Less than one percent of competitors have achieved this feat.

PlushBeds Reviews

Since 2008, PlushBeds has been a pioneer in providing all-natural, sustainable sleep from their California factory, direct to customer at an affordable price. PlushBeds exceeds the most rigorous testing and certification standards in the mattress industry. They are one of only six manufacturers whose factory has both GOTS and GOLS certifications.

This PlushBeds review will discuss their most popular organic mattresses, made with organic and natural materials, which can be helpful if you are in the market for a new organic latex mattress, natural latex mattress or hybrid latex mattress. You can also see PlushBeds reviews on their website.

Botanical Bliss Mattress

The Botanical Bliss Mattress is PlushBeds' best-selling mattress. Handcrafted in the USA, the organic latex mattress is known for its superior support, soothing pressure relief, and customized comfort. It is also an orthopedic mattress, ideal for sleepers with lower back, hip, and joint pain issues.

Key Features

The notable features of the Botanic Bliss Organic Latex Mattress include:

Certified Organic Materials

The latex Botanical Bliss features certified organic latex, cotton, and wool, making it a healthy and safe mattress. These materials are free from chemicals found in fertilizers, pesticides, and dyes, among other toxins.

Besides safety and eco-friendliness, sleepers enjoy other benefits of sleeping on organic mattresses, unlike coil mattresses. For example, this latex Botanical Bliss mattress is bouncy, but doesn't sink and sag easily, thanks to the responsiveness of the organic latex foam.

Firmness and Thickness Options

PlushBeds' Botanical Bliss mattresses are available in 9-, 10-, and 12-inches thickness options. Despite this variation, the support core layers of the Botanical Bliss mattresses are made of the same six-inch layer of organic latex. As a result, these mattresses give sleepers the same amount of support, regardless of their thickness preferences.

The Botanical Bliss mattresses also come in two firmness options; medium and medium-firm. Most sleepers prefer a medium-firm feel, because of their compatibility with most sleeping positions, and it is a bit softer than the medium-firm option. On the other hand, the medium-firm mattresses best suit stomach sleepers, back sleepers, and sleepers weighing more than 275 lbs.

Customized Comfort

The Botanical Bliss mattresses are crafted with glue-free pillow tops and organic latex layers, allowing sleepers to customize the ideal firmness and comfort by unzipping the cover and swapping these layers. That enables sleepers to make their mattresses firmer or softer, whenever they feel like it.

In addition, PlushBeds allows a one-time comfort exchange request during the 100-night trial period. The sleeper talks to an organic mattress specialist about their comfort needs, who then customizes the ideal top layer for the sleeper to meet their sleeping needs and sends them a new comfort layer, in a different firmness. 

Luxury Bliss Mattress

The Luxury Bliss Mattress is a hybrid latex mattress that combines the goodness of organic latex, and the traditional fabric-encased coil core system. This 12-inch mattress is plush, with buoyant support, and has a unique support system, with little to no motion transfer.

Key Features

Here are some noteworthy features of PlushBeds' Luxury Bliss Hybrid Latex Mattress.

Exemplary Support and Comfort

As the name suggests, the Luxury Bliss gives sleepers nothing short of luxury. It's made using a three-inch comfort layer of plush organic latex. This comfort layer feels plush, buoyant, and easy on the sleeper's body.

Beneath the comfort layer is the superior support core containing a fabric-encased coils system. These coils individually respond to pressure from different parts of a sleeper's body to provide superior support and buoyancy, while reducing motion transfer on the mattress. In addition, this system improves airflow throughout the mattress, keeping the sleeper cool and comfortable all night long.

PlushBeds uses organic wool as a fire barrier, and a stretched cotton cover to complete the mattress. The organic wool adds plushness to the comfort layer, while wicking moisture from the sleeper's body to keep them dry. On the other hand, the stretched cotton mattress cover feels soft and easy on the skin, promoting a deep, restorative sleep experience.

No Toxins

Unlike most hybrid mattresses, the Luxury Bliss mattresses are free of toxins and harsh chemicals mostly found in glues, dyes, pesticides, and fertilizers. Instead, PlushBeds uses sustainable and ethically-sourced organic materials to ensure these mattresses are safe and healthy for the environment and for sleepers. As a result, these mattresses are ideal for allergy-sensitive sleepers as well.

Firmness Levels

The Luxury Bliss Hybrid Mattresses are available in two firmness levels: medium and medium-firm. This mattress also comes with a free comfort exchange.

Natural Bliss Mattress

The Natural Bliss Mattress mattress models are the perfect choice for sleepers looking for all-natural, vegan, and animal-free latex mattresses. These luxurious models contain certified organic latex and cotton, and have no carcinogenic adhesives, dyes, synthetics, or blended materials and no wool.

Key Features

Below are the outstanding features that make up the Natural Bliss Mattresses.

Superior Support

All Natural Bliss mattress models have a six-inch support core made of GOLS-certified organic latex. Given the strength and responsiveness of latex, this layer provides adequate support to the sleeper, without feeling too stiff.

Plant-Based Fire Barrier

Because the Natural Bliss mattresses are vegan and animal-free, their fire barrier layers are also made using plant fibers instead of wool. In addition, the fibers are ethically grown to avoid contaminating the mattresses with chemicals, pesticides, and herbicides, among other toxins. As a result, these mattresses are eco-friendly, hypoallergenic, and promote healthy sleep.

In-Home Comfort Exchange

Like the Botanical Bliss, purchasing the Natural Bliss mattress comes with a one-time free in-home comfort exchange offer during the 100-night trial period. This free comfort exchange request allows the sleeper to exchange the comfort layer of their mattress with a customized alternative that suits their comfort needs. All the sleeper needs to do is to contact PlushBeds, and request the exchange within the trial period, but after the 30 days break-in period.

Eco Bliss Mattress

The Eco Bliss is another one of PlushBeds' hybrid latex mattresses. It features a plush comfort layer made from 100% natural latex, a supportive core made of certified foam, and a super stretchy cotton mattress protector cover.

Key Features

The notable specs of the Eco Bliss Hybrid Latex Mattresses include:

Supportive Foam Core

The support core of this mattress is made using a CertiPUR certified poly foam that provides adequate support to the sleeper. Besides support, this layer eases pressure points to promote deep sleep.

The size of the support core differs depending on the thickness of the mattress. For instance, the support core of an 8-inch thick Eco Bliss mattress is six inches wide, while that of a 12-inch Eco Bliss Mattress measures eight inches.

Generous Talalay Latex Comfort Layer

The Eco Bliss mattresses have a generously thick comfort layer of 100% natural Talalay Latex. This layer is buoyant, responsive, and breathable, promoting a relaxed and comfortable deep sleep throughout the night.

Natural Plant Fire Barrier

Instead of fiberglass fire barriers, PlushBeds uses their patented Eco Fire Barrier made using natural plant fibers.


Finding the ideal latex mattress isn't always easy. Most online mattress brands sell only one mattress model. As a result, they limit the sleeper's choices, and fail to meet most of their sleep comfort needs.

But PlushBeds is different. This brand offers several mattress alternatives, including latex mattresses for children. You can also purchase a mattress topper, pillows, bedding, bed frame, and more from PlushBeds. In addition, PlushBeds promotes healthy sleep by using safe, sustainably-sourced, organic materials.

PlushBeds mattresses are worth investing in for many good reasons. They offer naturally breathable products, made with certified organic materials.

PlushBeds organic latex mattresses, such as the Botanical Bliss, also have a lifetime warranty, free shipping and returns. In addition, these mattresses are famous for their exemplary support, and customizable comfort. They also come with a generous trial night period, so sleepers can have plenty of time to feel their new mattresses, and decide whether to keep or return them.

We are sure that you will love PlushBeds and their luxurious products, and enjoy many years of comfortable and healthy sleep.

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