Fruit Flush Detox Diet

Fruit Flush Detox Diet

The Fruit Flush Diet, created by certified clinical nutritionist and physical trainer Jay Robb, is a 3-day cleanse designed to “detox” the body and jumpstart weight loss. Robb claims that the diet can create a weight loss of 9 or 10 lbs within three days.

Robb told WebMD, “During the 3-Day Fruit Flush, your system is relieved of the digestive burden of eating other foods and can clean out its system while burning fat because fruit is nature’s perfect cleansing food.” According to Robb, the nutrient content of fruit dissolves toxic buildup in the body, and water and fiber in the same fruits flush it out. The potentially dangerous contents of junk foods like alcohol, colas, and processed foods containing artificial ingredients are supposedly flushed from the body more effectively during this kind of cleanse.

Is The Fruit Flush Safe?

This flush is safer than some because it includes lean protein. Some flushes restrict calorie intake to only a few hundred calories a day; the Fruit Flush hovers around 900 to 1000. It also includes plenty of lean protein to help burn fat while protecting the body’s muscle.

As detox diets go, this is one of the most nutritionally sound. And if you only follow it for the recommended three days, it’s probably one of the safest out there. Some fasts are recommended for 10 or more days and can severely stress the body. By contrast, a flush that uses healthy foods and moderate caloric restriction for a short time is a far more conservative and safer choice.

Does It Work?

At least half of the weight loss that’s experienced during the Fruit Flush will be water weight, and will probably be regained once you regain normal eating habits. But that 4 or 5 lb weight loss can be an inspiration for further loss.

There’s a great deal of debate between alternative and traditional medicine over whether cleansing diets work or are necessary. The bottom line is: Choose a cleanse that’s physically safe and healthy, then decide how you feel afterwards. If it works for you, and you feel no ill effects, then it’s worth doing from time to time (but no more than four times per year) to help keep you feeling your best.

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