Latex Mattress Knowledge Through Reviews

Not all latex mattresses are created equal. To make sure you'll be pleased with the feel, comfort, and characteristics of your new premium mattress, know the lingo. Our articles (above) will take you through the ins and outs of latex mattress terminology, so you'll know exactly what you're buying.

top side of mattressHere are a few basic definitions to get you started. To fully understand the strengths and weaknesses of each latex mattress type, click on our reviews above for more information.

  • 100% latex mattress: Any mattress made of all latex is a "100% latex mattress". It may be all synthetic latex or blended latex, but it will be some form of latex through and through. These may not be the highest quality beds, since the terminology allows room for synthetic latex or latex blends as opposed to 100% natural latex.
  • 100% natural latex mattress: A mattress with this label will be 100% natural botanical latex. For truth in advertising, the mattress company must construct their mattress with latex extracted from a plant source. The mattress may contain both Talalay and Dunlop latex, or be constructed purely of one or the other. It may be soft, firm, or somewhere in between, as long as it's all natural latex.
  • Organic latex mattress: The "organic" latex label can mean a variety of things, and is often misused in the mattress world. The rubber tree plants may be grown organically, producing "organic" latex that is then subjected to chemical treatments, glues, and industrial fire barriers. Or it may be truly organic, with an organic wool fire barrier, unglued layers, and largely chemical-free production methods.
  • Blended latex mattress: Blended latex contains a mix of synthetic latex and natural latex. Often the ratio is somewhere between 30-40% natural latex with 60-70% synthetic latex.
  • Latex memory foam mattress: A latex memory foam mattress is a type of hybrid that makes use of the best qualities of memory foam and latex in tandem.
  • Talalay latex mattress: A mattress made using the Talalay latex construction process exclusively. It is extraordinarily soft and cloud-like, but it can be less durable and resilient than Dunlop.
  • Hybrid latex mattress: Not all hybrids offer the same mix of comfort and support. Some are excellent beds, and some will disappoint you every time. A hybrid is a mix of latex foam and any other material, from memory foam to old-fashioned inner-springs to polyurethane.

Making Latex Mattress Reviews Count

reviewing mattresses It can take time to learn about latex foam, decide which mattress type best suits your needs, and then research the companies that sell your type of bed online. But you're making a purchase that is by no means cheap, and one that will be with you for approximately 20-years or more. Your mattress can have direct consequences for your life and your health. Research multiple companies, find independent online reviews, look at BBB ratings and complaints, and always read the fine print. Be a savvy, 21st-century consumer of a cutting-edge 21st-century product. Your reward will be the best nights sleep you've ever had for years to come.

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