Latex isn't a cure-all or a replacement for a doctor's advice. But consider a quality latex mattress as one tool in your toolbox for managing a sleep disorder. For an in-depth look at ways a latex mattress can help with each disorder, follow the links above.

sleep apnea sufferer1.Sleep Apnea. With sleep apnea, the body becomes unable to breathe during deep sleep, so the brain tells the body to wake up. The condition makes it difficult to get deep, uninterrupted sleep.

In the most common form of sleep apnea, the throat physically becomes obstructed due to poor muscle tone or misalignment of the neck during the night. In this case, latex's ability to help align your spine can help you breathe better and improve the efficiency of common sleep apnea treatments.

If you have a less common form of sleep apnea (in which the brain "forgets" to tell the body to breathe during deep sleep), you'll need a doctor's help - and probably drug therapies - to be able to sleep deeply for long periods.

2.Narcolepsy. People with narcolepsy tend to either fall asleep uncontrollably during the day, or suffer from cataplexy (sudden loss of muscle tone). There is no cure, so treatments focus on managing patterns in sleeping and waking.

A person with narcolepsy tends to have fewer episodes of unexpected sleep or cataplexy if they take short naps during the day and keep a regular nighttime sleep schedule. The comfort and pain-relieving qualities of a latex mattress can help you fall asleep quickly and stay asleep longer.

3.Insomnia. People with insomnia tend to have trouble going to sleep or trouble staying asleep. These problems may be due to stress and external factors or due to some medical condition that makes it more difficult to sleep.

If your insomnia is due to external factors, combining behavioral therapies with a comfortable mattress can make the difference. If your insomnia is due to a medical condition that causes pain, latex can softly cradle painful muscles, joints, or limbs while still supporting and aligning your spine for pain-free sleep.

4.Chronic Sleep Deprivation. Chronic sleep deprivation is the state of getting too little sleep over long periods. Read the section on insomnia above if your chronic sleep deprivation is related to insomnia, stress, or nighttime pain.

If your sleep deprivation is caused by a busy schedule and a prioritization of other things in life over healthy sleep, a latex mattress won't help until you've rearranged your priorities. But having a comfortable mattress can make it more likely that you'll want to lay down the cares of the day and crawl into bed at a reasonable hour.

insomniac if your bed is a cozy haven that helps you sleep pain-free, you'll be more likely to relax and fall asleep when you climb in at night. Read through the links above to decide whether the comfort of a latex mattress can help in your quest for a good night's sleep.

Legal and Medical Disclaimer: The content provided within the pages of this website should not be construed as medical advice for any specific person or condition. Please consult your licensed physician for any questions you have regarding your health. This website's sole intent is for educational purposes only.

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