Can Latex Help Control Your Insomnia?

Latex may have noticeable benefits for a range of medical problems, including insomnia. A good sleep environment and good sleep habits can tip the balance between a wakeful night and a pleasant sleep. It's easier to cultivate proper "sleep hygiene" when you have a truly comfortable bed and find it pleasurable to lie down at the end of the day.

Medical Advantages of Latex?

"Orthopedic mattresses" first produced in the 1950s, were the precursors of today's comfort foam mattresses including latex. With the idea that a mattress could provide medical benefit came a range of experiments searching for high-quality sleep surfaces that could actually provide orthopedic advantages healthier alignment, better circulation, and less pain.

Latex foam mattresses are one of the orthopedic mattress world's biggest steps forward. Latex combines pressure-relieving comfort with the characteristic resilient support of botanical latex. The result is improved spinal alignment and a surface specifically designed to minimize the pressure points that can create pain and inhibit circulation during the night.

What is Insomnia?

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Insomnia, its named based on the Latin for "no sleep," refers to a range of problems falling asleep or staying asleep. According to the University of Maryland Medical Center, If you have insomnia, you may tend to:

  • Have trouble falling asleep.
  • Fall asleep with no trouble but wake up (sometimes repeatedly) in the middle of the night.
  • Wake up too early, or
  • Have "non-restorative" sleep sleep that never reaches the deepest, most restorative sleep phases that leaves you feeling tired in the morning, even though you may have technically slept all night long.

Insomnia can be secondary, meaning it's a symptom of another, underlying medical condition. It can also be primary, meaning there is no known underlying physical cause. Primary insomnia can occur for a range of reasons from problems at work or at home that leave your mind racing, to environmental noises that wake you at night.

Improving or Curing Insomnia

Acute or short-term insomnia, often brought on by stressful events, tends to subside once those stressful situations have been addressed. Chronic or long-term insomnia, on the other hand, is often related to underlying medical conditions that may surface repeatedly over the course of a lifetime.

In cases of both acute and chronic insomnia, creating a sleeping environment conducive to comfortable slumber can make a very real difference especially when combined with healthy sleep habits.

This is where a latex mattress can help.

Latex and Insomnia

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A latex mattress:

  • Cradles your body in distinctive resilient support that properly aligns your spine and minimizes or eliminates painful pressure points.
  • Assists in the alleviation of symptoms from a range of medical problems, including fibromyalgia, arthritis, and even spinal injury thus leading to a better likelihood of insomnia prevention.
  • "Sleeps cool" latex doesn't hold body heat, and air pockets in the material encourage air circulation. The result You sleep in an environment that stays comfortably cool in the summer and warm, but breathable in the winter.
  • Is naturally antibacterial and resistant to allergens like mold and mildew. Latex is even safe for most people with latex allergies.

When combined with comfortable sheets and bedding and kept in a friendly, uncluttered bedroom free of harsh lighting and distractions, a natural latex mattress can be a powerful tool for maximizing your chances of a good night's sleep.


Have Insomnia? Treat the Whole Problem

A study published in the Journal of Psychosomatic Research suggests that behavioral therapies like regular bedtime and using quality "sleep hygiene" can produce lasting, noticeable improvements in people with insomnia especially older patients. Comprehensive behavioral changes can make a major difference in your quality (and quantity) of sleep, particularly when combined with an effective sleep medication to help get the ball rolling.

A latex mattress can help you relax into a comfortable position, give you good temperature control, and even minimize pain from other medical conditions. But it's just a tool, and should be one of many in your arsenal. Talk to your doctor or therapist about building the healthy habits that can keep your insomnia at bay.

As always, this article doesn't constitute medical advice it cannot and should not take the place of a visit or a phone call to your doctor. If you're considering the purchase of a new mattress to alleviate medical problems, talk with a medical care specialist to determine whether a pressure-relieving foam mattress is a good choice for your needs.

Legal and Medical Disclaimer: The content provided within the pages of this website should not be construed as medical advice for any specific person or condition. Please consult your licensed physician for any questions you have regarding your health. This website's sole intent is for educational purposes only.

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