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Latex For Less Topper Review

Latex For Less Topper

If you don't like how your mattress feels, for example, if it's too firm and hurts your back, you can add a Softer mattress topper to your bed. But not just any Soft topper. It’s important that you look for specific mattress topper features to determine whether they suit your sleep needs.

This mattress review focuses on the Latex For Less Topper, detailing its unique specs, performance, and everything you need to know.

Overview of the Latex For Less Topper

The Latex For Less Topper is a soft, cushiony mattress topper made from organic latex. Thanks to its numerous features, this topper does more than alter how your mattress feels.

Who Can Use the Latex For Less Mattress Topper?

This mattress topper is ideal for:

  • Sleepers seeking pressure relief
  • Hot sleepers
  • Chemical sensitive sleepers
  • Eco-conscious sleepers
  • Sleepers of different body types
  • Sleepers with varying sleeping positions

Key Features

The most noteworthy features of the Latex For Less Topper include the following:

Organic Latex

The Latex For Less topper contains organic latex, from a single source, to avoid compromising its quality. This single origin natural latex gives the topper the upper hand over its counterparts on the market. For example, because the latex is from a single source, it has an evenly consistent density. As a result, the mattress topper is carefully crafted for the ideal balance between buoyancy and support.


The single-origin latex is free of chemicals, synthetic blends, and fillers that often cause allergic reactions in some sleepers. In addition, this topper has also attained the GOLS and ECO-Institut certifications, surpassing the world's stringent purity and safety requirements. As a result, sleepers don't have to worry about sleeping on toxic chemicals, or harming their environment.

Three Firmness Options

The Latex For Less Topper comes in three firmness options:- Soft, Firm, and Medium-Firm, to cater to different comfort needs. For instance, the Soft mattress topper best suits petite side sleepers because it gently contours the hips and shoulders, and relieves pressure on these areas. On the other hand, the Medium mattress topper suits most body types and sleeping positions because of its evenly balanced buoyancy and support. Additionally, it offers just the right amount of give to contour pressure points to ensure the sleepers' comfort.

The firmer mattress topper is often ideal for plus-size sleepers. Although it also compresses and contours the sleeper's body and pressure points, it has exemplary support to keep the spine properly aligned.

Two Thickness Options

This topper is available in two- and three-inch thicknesses. The two-inch topper lets you feel your mattress underneath, but adds supportive latex layers. On the other hand, the three-inch topper significantly transforms your mattress. It has more cushioning and support, the perfect combination for a comfortable bed.

Six Size Options

The Latex For Less Topper is available in six standard mattress sizes to fit perfectly on your bed. These sizes are:

  • Twin size, measuring 38 by 75 inches, and weighing 32 lbs
  • Full size, measuring 54 by 75 inches, and weighing 49 lbs
  • King size, measuring 76 by 80 inches, and weighing 64 lbs
  • Twin XL size, measuring 38 by 80 inches, and weighing 35 lbs
  • Queen size mattress, measuring 80 by 60 inches, and weighing 49 lbs
  • Cal King size, measuring 72 by 84 inches, and weighing 64 lbs

Temperature Regulation

Sleeping hot is one of the common causes of sleep disruption. It can trigger loss of sleep, discomfort, and insomnia, among sleep-related problems. One of the causes of this problem is sleeping on a heat-trapping mattress like those made using memory foam.

Fortunately, this natural latex mattress topper improves air circulation around your body, and carries away excessive body heat. As a result, you sleep cooler and more comfortably every night.

Naturally Hypoallergenic

Organic latex is unlikely to cause allergic reactions in a sleeper because it naturally repels allergens. In addition, Latex For Less doesn't add chemicals, fillers, or synthetic blends to their latex mattress toppers to maintain their organic state, and ensure that the toppers are free from allergy-causing toxins.

Responsive Support

One of the reasons sleepers use mattress toppers is to add support to their bed for maintaining the spine's natural curve while sleeping. However, not all mattress toppers achieve this feat. Some feel too stiff, while others sink too deep, causing the spine to curve away from its natural S-shape. That's not the case with the Latex For Less Topper.

This is because Latex For Less uses the dense and responsive organic Dunlop latex foam known for its perfect balance between comfort and support. Here's how the topper works.

Because latex foam is naturally buoyant, it cuddles a sleeper's pressure points, such as the shoulders, hips, lower back, and knees. While at it, the foam contours the sleeper's body, allowing them to sink into their bed gently. The best part is that the latex foam then responsively pushes back on the sleeper's body to prevent them from dipping excessively, supporting the spine's natural curve as a result.

Organic Cotton Cover

The Latex For Less mattress topper works best with a matching GOTS-certified organic cotton cover (sold separately). This cover has many advantages to the topper, including:

  • Protecting the latex topper from getting damaged
  • Keeping the natural latex mattress topper clean
  • Preventing the topper from absorbing accidental spillages, sweat, urine, etc.
  • Smoothing the topper's surface, and reducing tackiness
  • Improving the topper's plushness

The organic cotton cover is also hypoallergenic, breathable, and gentle on the skin.

Handcrafted Topper

The Latex For Less Topper is handcrafted from start to finish to maintain the highest quality standards.

Odorless Topper

Unlike most mattress toppers, the Latex For Less topper doesn't emit smelly or harmful VOC gasses. As a result, you don't need to air out your new mattress topper for several hours before sleeping on it.


If you're an eco-conscious person, you'll be glad to know you invested in an eco-friendly mattress topper. All the natural materials the topper contains are safe for your health and the environment. Additionally, Latex For Less avoids harmful emissions by crafting these toppers by hand to keep the environment healthy.

Pros of Purchasing a Latex For Less Mattress Topper

Some of the advantages of purchasing the Latex For Less mattress topper include the following:

Fair Prices

Latex For Less uses the finest quality of organic latex, which often comes with a high price tag. However, the company still produces high-quality mattress toppers at incredibly fair prices.

Firstly, the company sources its latex from a certified organic rubber plantation in Sri Lanka to its California-based factory, without involving middlemen. Secondly, these toppers are handmade by skilled craftsmen. As a result, the company reduces production costs for managing big machinery.

Because of the reduced production costs, Latex For Less can fairly price the mattress toppers, without compromising their quality.

Long-Lasting Warranty

The Latex For Less topper has a five-year warranty, unlike many toppers on the market. The warranty covers repairing or replacing a defective mattress topper. For example, the company may replace your new topper if it has splits or cracks.

In addition, the warranty also includes replacing or repairing a topper that significantly causes a sleeper's discomfort while using the topper reasonably.


Dunlop latex foam lasts longer than most mattress topper materials because of its resilience and high density. For this reason, the Latex For Less mattress topper surpasses the minimum average lifespan of many mattress toppers on the market. This topper can last five years and more with proper care and use.

Free Shipping

Latex For Less offers free shipping to clients in the continental US from the company's Southern California factory. The topper also comes in a small box, making it easier to carry up the stairs, through corridors, or from one room to another.

Easy to Fit

This topper securely fits onto your mattress without slipping out of place, with or without its cover. It also fits securely underneath a mattress protector or bed sheets. All you need to do is open the box, and let the topper expand on top of your mattress.

Cons of Purchasing a Latex For Less Mattress Topper

Every good thing has its downside, and the Latex For Less mattress topper is no exception. Here are the cons of purchasing this topper.

Free Shipping is Limited to the Continental US

Latex For Less offers free shipping to states within the Continental US. As a result, clients from outside these states have to take care of their shipping costs.

No Returns for the Mattress Topper

Because mattress toppers are a personal bedding item, Latex For Less doesn't allow returns for the toppers like it does with its latex mattresses. On the bright side, the topper's warranty covers the replacements and repairs of a defective topper, or a topper that causes extreme discomfort to a sleeper.

The Cotton Covers are Sold Separately

Latex For Less doesn't include the organic cotton cover as part of the latex mattress topper purchase. However, if you buy both, your topper will come already fitted with its cover, so you don’t have to struggle to fit it at home.

The cotton cover has many advantages to the topper, including keeping your topper clean and free of accidental spills, sweat, and urine. Nonetheless, this topper works equally fine with or without the organic cotton cover.

Bottom Line

Shopping for a mattress topper can be time-consuming. But because sleep is an integral part of a human's health, it's only reasonable that you should sleep comfortably every night. For this reason, you need to find the ideal mattress topper that simultaneously solves most of your comfort needs. Unfortunately, that's easier said than done, given the market is full of all sorts of mattress toppers.

Luckily, the Latex For Less mattress topper checks many boxes of an ideal mattress topper. Even though the company offers only one type of topper, it gives you a broader selection scope to ensure you find a befitting topper. For example, the topper comes in three firmness levels, two thickness options, and six standard sizes. Therefore, if you need a Soft, thick Twin XL mattress topper to sleep comfortably, you'll get just that from Latex For Less.

This topper perfectly balances comfort and support to keep your spine properly aligned. Additionally, it contains certified organic materials that are good for your health and the environment. The topper is also void of chemicals and smelly gasses that trigger allergic reactions, and other health-related issues. Because of these features, this topper can significantly improve your general health, and reduce the costs of seeking medical treatment for your sleep-related discomforts.

Talking of costs, the Latex For Less mattress toppers come fairly priced for such high-quality toppers. In addition, the company eliminates middlemen markups and unnecessary production costs to ensure that you pay only what you should for your comfort.

Is a Latex For Less Mattress Topper a Solid Investment?

Absolutely! Given its numerous advantages, eco-friendliness, and fair pricing, this mattress topper is worth every coin.

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