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PlushBeds Latex Mattress Review: The Natural Bliss

PlushBeds Latex Mattress Review: The Natural Bliss

The Natural Bliss is one of PlushBeds' natural latex mattress choices. It's constructed from eco-friendly, organic materials. It doesn't contain any harsh chemicals or animal products, and it’s hypoallergenic. PlushBeds also makes the Luxury Bliss, a latex hybrid, and the Botanical Bliss, an organic latex mattress.

The Natural Bliss Mattress is recommended for:

  • Individuals looking for an eco-friendly mattresses constructed with organic materials, and no animal products
  • Those wanting the option of adjusting their mattress to their own personal specifications
  • Those wanting a hypoallergenic mattress because they're suffering from allergies
  • People wanting to choose from a large range of thicknesses, sizes, and firmness options
  • Individuals who prefer not to feel like they're sleeping while "sinking in" their mattress, but rather they're sleeping "on" their mattress. It offers luxurious comfort, buoyant support and soothing pressure point relief.

Features of PlushBeds Latex Mattress - The Natural Bliss

Notable features of The Natural Bliss Mattress from PlushBeds include:

  1. Firmness Levels: The Natural Bliss has four levels of firmness:
  • Soft
  • Medium
  • Med-Firm
  • Firm
  1. Thickness Options

The Natural Bliss mattress is available in three thickness options.

  • 8-inches: Contains 6 inches of 100% Arpico Organic Latex, coupled with one 2 inche layer of 100% natural latex, all wrapped up in the certified organic cotton cover.
  • 10-inches: Contains 6 inches of 100% Arpico Organic Latex coupled with two 2 inch layers of 100% natural latex, all wrapped up in the certified organic cotton cover.
  • 12-inches: Contains 6 inches of 100% Arpico Organic Latex coupled with two 3 inch layers of 100% natural latex, all wrapped up in the certified organic cotton cover. 
  1. Sizes

The Natural Bliss Mattress is available in nine sizes:

  • Twin
  • Twin XL
  • Full
  • Queen
  • Split Queen
  • King
  • Split King
  • Cal King
  • Split Cal King  
  1. Chemicals & Off-Gassing

Latex mattresses generally have no odor when you compare them to other mattress materials, like conventional polyfoams. You shouldn't notice any strong odors during your first several days of sleeping on it and thereafter as well.

PlushBeds Natural Bliss Mattress is also:

  • Dust mite resistant, and cuts down on the indoor allergens in your home
  • Anti-microbial, mildew, and mold proof, which means you'll experience less wheezing and sneezing, if you suffer from allergies
  • Has no irritants, or off-gassing odors
  • Sleeps cool
  • Contains no toxins and no chemicals

PlushBeds has many purity certifications, including: GOTS Certified Organic Cotton; GOLS certified organic latex; GreenGuard Gold Certified; Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Certified; and more, which you can view on their website.

  1. Construction

All PlushBeds mattresses come with the GOTS certified organic cotton cover, which is a lightweight fabric that moves with the latex easily because its flexible. While other models from PlushBeds have a GOTS certified organic wool layer underneath the cover, their Natural Bliss doesn't contain any wool, but instead has a proprietary, plant-based, all-natural fire barrier. The Natural Bliss Mattress construction contains no chemicals, and this includes fire retardants.

The Natural Bliss Mattress' GOLS certified organic latex core is:

  • The largest, most costly element of a natural latex mattress
  • A high-quality core which could be the difference between unwanted sagging indentations, or long-lasting support
  • Durable and dense.

The Natural Bliss Mattress' certified organic cotton cover is:

  • GOTS certified organic cotton
  • Better for relieving pressure than woven covers
  • Soft and breathable, with superior non-restricted airflow
  • Grown with no pesticides, chemicals or herbicides

Both orthopedic specialists and chiropractors recommend the Natural Bliss Mattress due to its buoyant feeling that cradles the body's pressure points gently. This helps promote deep sleep, and helps relieve aches and pain.

  1. Temperature Control

The Natural Bliss Mattress, overall, sleeps relatively cool for most individuals. Latex is naturally cooler than memory foam or other materials, and more airflow is allowed through its open-cell construction, so you won't overheat while you're sleeping.

  1. Pressure Relief

The Natural Bliss Mattress provides good pressure relief, with the exception of its 6-inch model, which is ideal for a child’s first natural latex mattress. This is because the thinnest mattresses don't offer as much conforming as the other options do; therefore, it only provides average pressure relief. So, you'll want a thicker Natural Bliss Mattress to receive the most cradling and contouring in order to relieve pressure on your shoulders, hips, and other pressure points.

  1. Motion Isolation

The Natural Bliss Mattress provides good motion isolation. However, partners have reported feeling slight motion transfer with the firm option when one or the other moves around, or gets out of bed, but state it doesn't seem to disrupt their sleep.

  1. Cost

When you compare PlushBeds' mattresses with other natural latex mattresses, you will find that the prices are comparable. However, the company frequently runs specials and sales. Not to mention, since latex mattresses usually last much longer than other mattress types, in the long run, you can save money.  What’s more is that you also get a 25-year warranty on PlushBeds' mattresses — much longer than other manufacturer warranties.

  1. Shipping, Trial, Warranty, and Financing
  • Shipping: PlushBeds ships for free in the contiguous U.S. You can contact them directly for shipping options and quotes in other areas.
  • Sleep Trial: You receive a 100-night sleep trial for the Natural Bliss Mattress, with free returns.
  • Warranty: All natural latex mattresses by PlushBeds come with a 25-year warranty.
  • Financing Options: PlushBeds uses Klarna to offer their customers financing with 0% APR for up to 12 months. Your payments are as low as $59 a month.

In their southern California factory, PlushBeds uses modern technology for assembling the organic materials in their mattresses, with tailored precision, so you receive a luxurious, organic mattress that's right for you.

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