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PlushBeds Luxury Bliss Mattress Review

PlushBeds Mattress Review


The Luxury Bliss Mattress by PlushBeds is a 12-inch hybrid latex mattress, crafted in the U.S., that provides you with a plush top GOLS certified organic latex layer, a pocketed, individually-wrapped coil core, GOTS certified organic wool, and a GOTS certified organic cotton cover. It's said to provide you with deep, restorative sleep and cool comfort.

Ideal For:

  • People who sleep with a partner
  • Individuals who sleep hot
  • Eco-conscious consumers
  • Side sleepers
  • People who like buoyant support

Features of PlushBeds Luxury Bliss Mattress

During our PlushBeds Luxury Bliss Mattress Review, we noticed many top quality features of the Luxury Bliss Mattress including:

  1. Construction

Many standard mattresses consist of interlocking coils that result in painful pressure points, and unrefreshing, restless sleep. PlushBeds Luxury Bliss Mattress, however, isn't like those mattress systems because it uses premium, individually wrapped, fabric-encased coils. These coils each individually respond to the pressure your body creates, resulting in minimal motion transfer, support, and a buoyant, comfortable sleeping experience.

The fabric-encased coils' open arrangement allows for enhanced airflow, keeping you cooler while you're sleeping. PlushBeds Luxury Bliss Mattress is a hybrid latex mattress that improves air circulation, breathes, and keeps annoying mold and bacteria at bay.

The Luxury Bliss Mattress comes with a:

  • Stretch organic cotton cover made with the finest organic cotton. It's not woven, but rather stretched, so it offers the softest sleeping surface possible.
  • Organic wool fire barrier that uses fire-resistant organic wool that naturally acts like a fire barrier, providing you with not just a layer of softness while you sleep, but also safety. Plus, it keeps you cool.
  • Thick, plush top comfort layer of organic latex. Organic Latex is amazingly responsive. Plus, organic latex foam naturally molds to your body, providing you with outstanding comfort.
  • Supportive fabric-encased coils, which are premium-crafted to offer you incredible support and buoyant sleep, with no motion transfer.
  • Is compatible with adjustable bases.

    1. Firmness Levels

    PlushBeds Luxury Bliss Mattress provides two levels of firmness: Medium and Medium-Firm.

    Buyers might want to choose Medium if:

    • They sleep on their side, and they weigh up to 230 pounds
    • They sleep with a sensitive sleeper
    • They like closer-conforming mattresses

      Buyers might want to choose Medium-Firm if:

      • They sleep on their stomach or backs
      • They are more than 230 lbs
      • They often sleep hot
      • They like a more responsive surface

      Both the medium and medium firm models provide a responsive surface, with moderate pressure relief and contouring, leaving you feeling like you're sleeping "on" your mattress instead of "in" it. The plush top latex layer is firmer on the medium-firm Luxury Bliss mattress. PlushBeds is known for excellent customer support, so if a buyer is undecided between the two firmness levels, they should confer with a PlushBeds mattress specialist.

      1. Edge Support

      Reviewers of The Luxury Bliss Mattress note strong edge support. The Luxury Bliss Mattress achieves this through its higher coil count around the perimeter. This helps to reinforce the edges, and minimize compression as weight is applied. This also means that people can sleep near the edge, and sit on the edge, too.

      1. Sizes & Pricing

      There are seven choices in size, which you'll learn here, along with the price of each:

      • Twin ($849)
      • Twin XL ($949)
      • Full ($1,149)
      • Queen ($1,249)
      • King ($1,549)
      • Cal King ($1,549)
      • Split King ($1,848)

        Latex mattresses tend to be more costly than other models, particularly when they're constructed with organic latex. It costs more to produce them. However, they're extremely durable, and typically provide an above-average lifespan.

        1. No Off-Gassing

        The certified organic cotton, certified organic latex, and the certified organic wool, along with PlushBeds compliance with strict purity standards, means you can rest peacefully knowing your new mattress is safe. There aren't any irritants or off-putting odors to this mattress, and you won't have to wait several days to "air out" your mattress before you can start enjoying a good night's sleep. Reviewers noted no chemical smells.

        PlushBeds Luxury Bills Mattress holds multiple certifications, including Oeko-Tex Standard 100 and GreenGuard Gold, Global Organic Latex Standard (GOLS), and others to attest that it is free of chemical emissions and harmful substances.

        1. Motion Isolation

        Organic latex and motion-isolating coils help to keep your spine naturally positioned for a relaxing, deep sleep. This makes The Luxury Bliss Mattress good if you tend to sleep on your side, like the buoyant support offered by a premium hybrid latex mattress, or if you share your bed. It offers minimal motion transfer, support, and a buoyant, comfortable sleeping experience.

        1. Temperature Control

        PlushBeds Luxury Bliss Mattress is constructed with breathable materials that help maintain temperature neutrality throughout the night.

        Your body heat is dispersed initially through the moisture-wicking wool layer and breathable cotton. Because you're sleeping "on" this mattress, and not "in" it, it won't trap your body heat around your body. This is particularly true of the medium-firm model.

        It uses an aerated latex comfort layer, which allows heat to filter through. Not to mention, latex is naturally breathable. Plus, the pocketed coils provide a lot of room for airflow, which eliminates most heat retention. This could be an ideal mattress for you if you tend to sleep hot.

        The organic cotton cover coupled with the wool layer helps to wick moisture away, and allows enough airflow for temperature regulation. In addition, the very nature of open cell structure of the natural latex comfort layer provides breathability. Lastly, the coil support layer enables airflow through the bed's base.

        1. Pressure Relief

        This hybrid latex mattress offers pressure relief. The mattress' surface slightly contours to your body and reduces pressure points. The pocketed coils in the support core flex, which helps accommodate your heavier body parts' curves, like your hips, for instance.

        But, if you sleep on your side, and you're under 130 lbs, you might experience a little pressure build-up in your shoulders and hips on the medium-firm mode (versus the medium model) because it doesn't conform as closely as other mattresses. Also, if you're more than 230 lbs, and you sleep on your stomach, you might experience added pressure in your back and neck when you sleep on the medium model (versus the medium firm model), since the firmness of this model allows for more hip sinkage.

        1. Trial, Shipping, Warranty, and Financing
        • Trial: You'll receive a 100-night trial, where you can sleep on the Luxury Bliss Mattress for 100 nights (with a 30-night break-in period). After 30 days, if you're not totally satisfied with this mattress, you can return it for a complete refund. If within the first 30 days, you decide to return it, you'll have to pay a $99 fee that will come out of your refund.
        • Shipping: All PlushBeds mattresses are shipped for free in the contiguous U.S. For other areas, you'll have to contact PlushBeds directly for a quote.
        • Warranty: Enjoy a lifetime warranty.
        • Financing Options: PlushBeds uses Klarna to provide their consumers 0% APR financing for up to 12 months. Enjoy low monthly payments (as low as $59 a month).

          During our Luxury Bliss Mattress Review, we learned about the modern technology used in their southern California factory, to assemble the organic materials with customized precision. It truly enables you to have a comfortable, organic mattress, customized and tailored specifically for you.

          In addition to The Luxury Bliss hybrid latex mattress, Plushbeds offers two all-latex mattresses: The Botanical Bliss and Natural Bliss. Both are offered in multiple firmness and thickness levels, and enable buyers to swap out comfort layers to get their perfect feel. Sleepers who prefer a more conforming mattress and reduced responsiveness may go for one of those two all-latex choices.

          On the other hand, sleepers who prefer a slight bit of bounce and even body contour, may opt for The Luxury Bliss. This buoyancy factor helps sleepers change positions, and get in and out of bed more easily.

          The overall findings of our PlushBeds Luxury Bliss Mattress Review are clear. If you're looking for a top quality, organic mattress, you might want to consider one of PlushBeds Mattresses. They are made with the finest quality organic and natural materials. They also handcraft and customize each one, providing you with luxurious comfort, superior support and soothing pressure relief each night. 

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