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Four Most Unique Alarm Clocks

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Alarm Clocks

If you’re like me, you absolutely hate the relentless “buzz-buzz-buzz” of your alarm clock each morning. My brain has recently become so averse to the sound that I can actually slap it off before I’m fully awake and snooze for up to an hour each morning. I need a change!

So I’ve been trolling the web for some less irritating, more engaging or inspiring ways to open my eyes on the morning. Something to help me start the day with a smile instead of a growl.

So far, here are my favorites:

 Clocky and Tocky: Two versions of Nanda’s ingenious “hide and seek” alarm clocks that will literally roll off your nightstand and out into the room while waking you with sweet little R2D2-esque beeps. Roll out of bed to find them and have a fun start to your day.

 Zen Alarm Clock: The Now & Zen Alarm clocks are a series of alarms with beautiful bell-like tones designed to sound like Tibetan meditation bells. These clocks will wake you with a beautiful, peaceful sound that is clear enough to wake you, yet gentle and beautiful enough that you’ll actually feel glad to be awake.

 Daylight Alarm Clock: The daylight alarm clock, also known as a dawn simulator, gradually increases the light in your bedroom to literally simulate the growing light of the rising sun. These alarms can wake you gently with no sound at all – or with a backup audio alarm in case the light doesn’t wake you by a specified time.

 Sleeptracker Wake Up Monitor: This nifty little alarm is worn on the wrist while you sleep. Designate your desired wake-up time, and the watch literally monitors your sleep cycles using the wrist band and chooses an appropriate sleep stage nearest your chosen time to help you wake up feeling refreshed. The Wake Up Monitor is my favorite and most likely new candidate, since I love the idea of waking up in sync with a scientific assessment of my body’s own sleep needs.

The good news? The days of the horribly raucous alarm clock are going the way of the dodo. There are increasingly enjoyable and friendly ways to wake your body with positive stimuli designed to help you wake up in a healthy frame of mind.

Do you have a favorite alternative to the traditional alarm clock?

Author Bio: +Michelle Gordon is a sleep expert who researches and writes about sleep and health, and is an online publisher for the latex mattress specialist

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