Can A Latex Mattress Help Your Arthritis Symptoms?

A latex mattress may have real, measurable benefits for pain sufferers, especially those with arthritis. The characteristic blend of softness and body-aligning support of latex may allow arthritis sufferers to get the deep sleep that tends to elude them.

The right latex mattress has the ability to give softly under the hip while still crading the lumbar region, keeping the spine in alignment. This mix of softness and support can make a noticeable difference for arthritis patients.

The General Benefits of latex

Latex is valued by a range of clients for its adaptability and comfort. The airflow naturally created by the process of manufacturing foam latex means that latex "sleeps cooler" than memory foam, which can act as a heat sink. Its natural characteristics make it both supportive and soft at the same time- something scientists have struggled to duplicate using synthetic materials.

Latex is highly adaptable, avaliable in a range of thickness and firmness so that you can find the perfect mattress for your needs. A back or stomach sleeper may want a firmer mattress than a side sleeper, but every sleeper needs a mattress that will keep the spine aligned for maximum comfort. That hard-to-get quality of body-contouring support, combined with adaptable firmness, is where natural latex foam excels.

Latex is long-lasting and resilient. In the right firmness and with the right foundation, a latex mattress can give consistent support for upwards of 40 years.

Is There a Medical Benifit to Sleeping on Latex?

Latex mattresses are the most up-to-date advancement in a line of "orthopedic mattress" that were first conceived in the 1950's. Orthopedic mattress were designed around the idea that a mattress built with care from the best technology available could produce a real medical benefit-just as orthopedic shoes or braces could improve health and quality of life, so could a mattress.

As designers spent decades exploring the best materials for body alignment and pain relief, natural latex foam was recognized as a premium material for helping people manage pain to get better sleep. The inherent body-contouring support and soft feel of pure natural latex, combined with the ability to create firmer or softer mattress using different production methods, make latex an excellent choice for pain management.

Since atleast the 1980's medical technologists have been searching for ways to help minimize arthritis pain by improving spinal alignment in bed, taking pressure off the hip by supporting the waist. Studies have shown that mattress that can align the spine and minimize pressure points lead to less pain and greater comfort, and thus to better sleep.

What is Arthrits?


According to the Arthritis Foundation, arthritis is actually an umbrella term for around 100 different medical condtitions that affect the joints, leading to pain, stiffness, inflammation, and even deformation of the joints. Many forms of arthritis can also affect other parts of the body, including muscle tissue and internal organs

Arthritis and Sleep

One of the most debilitating and widespread symptoms of arthritis is pain. That pain can lead through a variety of mechanisms to poor sleep, documented in a range of studies on everything from rheumatoid arthritis to osteoarthritis.

A recent study cited by the magazine Arthritis Today suggests that treating problems with sleep can actually help improve the symptoms of arthritis. Chemicals associated with inflammation can actually compound in the body through sleep deprivation, making arthritis that much worse. Fixing the sleep disruptions may fix some of the biochemical reasons for overly achy joints.

Latex Mattress and Arthritis

According to an article in the magazine Arthritis Today, most sleep-improvement methods that seem to work for arthritis suffers (from herbal valerian to stronger sleeping pills) aren't recommended for long-term use. They may indeed help an individual start to get sleep problems under control, through. Better bodily alignment during sleep and a comfortable sleep environment may also increase your odds of sleeping better and longer, and may also help contribute towards alleviating the pain form arthritis.

Latex can provide a comfortable sleep environment--by naturally controlling temperature, minimizing allergens, and aligning the spine comfortably and safely. It's truly cutting-edge material for both spinal alignment and the alleviation of painful pressure points, making it ideal for sufferers of arthritis.

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