Minimizing Chronic Sleep Deprivation with a Latex Mattress

If you have a hard time getting a good night's sleep, a latex mattress may be the solution you need. A good sleep environment and good sleep habits can tip the balance between a wakeful night and a pleasant sleep. It's easier to cultivate proper "sleep hygiene" when you have a truly comfortable and pain relieving mattress to retire to at the end of the day.

Medical Advantages of Latex

There are a variety of medically beneficial latex characteristics. If your chronic sleep deprivation is due to discomfort in bed, insomnia, allergies related to your bedding, "sleeping hot", or pain from conditions like arthritis, fibromyalgia, or low back pain, then a latex mattress may be able to help you get the sleep you need.

What is Chronic Sleep Deprivation?

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Chronic sleep deprivation is the groggy, often "wired" state brought on by getting too little sleep night after night. Most people need an average of about eight hours per night to function at their peak performance, according to the 2006 book, "Sleep Disorders and Sleep Deprivation".

Even people who occasionally get far too little sleep but catch up fully on successive nights (acute sleep deprivation) can overcome their sleep deficit and regain full function over time. But the effects of repeated and long-term sleep deprivation can cause long-term problems in cognitive function and even major physical symptoms, according to an article in Harvard Magazine.

Improving or Curing Sleep Deprivation

Since sleep deprivation can be brought on by a wide range of medical conditions or accepted as a way of life by busy people, it's difficult to sort out causes from complications. In many cases, though, a comfortable latex mattress can help.

Of course, no bed can help you get better sleep unless you climb into it. Allow seven to eight hours between the time you slide between the sheets and the time your feet have to hit the floor again.

In addition, good "sleep hygiene" can help you sleep soundly. Create a bedtime routine that leaves you rested and relaxed brush your teeth, relax in a hot bath or with a five-minute meditation, and mentally prepare for bed. Build a comfortable sleep environment with little clutter, comfortable linens, low lighting, a pleasant temperature, and no TV.

Latex and Sleep Deprivation

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A latex mattress:

  • Properly aligns your spine and provides relief of painful pressure points for an improvement in bodily pain.
  • Can help to alleviate the symptoms of many medical conditions, like fibromyalgia, arthritis, and even spinal injury. With less pain, the body sleeps more deeply and heals more fully.
  • "Sleeps cool" latex won't hold body heat, and air pockets in the material encourage air circulation. You'll be comfortably cool in the summer and warm (but not stifling) in the winter.
  • A (natural) latex mattress is antibacterial and hypoallergenic and even safe for most people with latex allergies.


Latex and Sleep Deprivation

A latex mattress can help minimize pain, create a comfortable sleep environment, and minimize allergy problems. But no matter how good the mattress, it's only a tool. It's up to you to get chronic sleep deprivation under control.

If you're sleep deprived due to a busy schedule, it's time to take a hard look at life and find ways to cut back. If you've forgotten what it feels like to be truly alert, you're not giving your best in your waking hours to work, friends, or family.

If you're sleep deprived because of insomnia or trouble "turning off your brain" at night, talk to a doctor or a counselor to find behavioral techniques that can help you prepare for sleep. Good "sleep hygiene" is a start; relaxation techniques and journaling can also help.

If your sleep deprivation is the result of another medical condition that causes pain or forces you to get up at night, talk to your doctor or naturopath to find ways to get your symptoms under control. If you haven't slept well for months, your quality of life will begin to decline. Actively seek treatment, and you'll be able to sleep better and perform better in your waking hours.

Legal and Medical Disclaimer: The content provided within the pages of this website should not be construed as medical advice for any specific person or condition. Please consult your licensed physician for any questions you have regarding your health. This website's sole intent is for educational purposes only.

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